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What Reasons Are There to Use DDL As an Architect?

It's a game changer! Designed for a new economical and sustainable approach to natural stone. With 24/7 access for all parties involved. DDL is a control tool over the entire project time. Projects can be handed over directly from the architect to the general contractor. In doing so, the design lead remains with the architect. However, DDL is also a powerful Estimate tool. Project start with mock-up blends for budget determination can be directly linked to the tendering tool. 

As an absolute innovation, difficult room geometries can be precisely blended. This makes it possible to realize completely new ideas of your own. Different materials, material thicknesses, surfaces and many more details can be integrated simultaneously across all plans. As an architect, you have full control over the visual result at any time and precisely down to the smallest detail.

Of course, plan changes can be incorporated at any time in all facets of the project. Multiple blends are possible to realize your own visions. Until your perfect blending is there!

Blending is fun and requires extremely little time. The associated reports not only provide the exact cutting instructions for the stone manufacturer. The active display of the slabs and cutouts during blending massively increases efficiency and sustainability. The selection of the desired stones within the material library is done in real time.

DDL offers access to a large number of real existing stones, which can be used immediately for your project. With DDL also experts, inspectors and engineers can be integrated into the project. Visual representations of options are downloaded at a simple click of a button. The data can also be mapped directly into project renderings so that they match the real result 100 percent. 

DDL leads to a massive saving of working time. Thus with simultaneous traceability of all process steps and decisions. 

"This blows away everything I've ever seen in software for this purpose" 
J. P. J. Walsh - SourceBlue Group

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